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Street CraneXpress expands servicing range with Crane Rail Surveys

11th May 2017

Street CraneXpress, the Sheffield-based crane maintenance and parts firm, is now working in conjunction with Crane Rail Surveys Ltd to deliver a new range of diagnostic services to UK customers.

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Street CraneXpress can now offer diagnostic crane rail surveys to customers across the UK, through its national network of more than 40 crane engineers.

The service comprises a range of surveys, which include the use of high accuracy laser and HD video technologies to assess and monitor the condition of crane and crane rail systems. Services now available to our customers include: rail alignment and level surveys; hoist travel surveys; crane wheel video surveys; rail condition inspections and detailed crane and structural surveys.

The crane hoist is typically the component most subject to wear and tear, and therefore is inspected most often. However, the ongoing efficient and safe operation of a crane system relies on much more. The bridges, rails and their supporting structures all need to be precisely aligned and in good condition to allow the hoist to do its job properly.

Early diagnosis of crane and rail faults is a key factor in reducing unplanned downtime and costs due to loss of production. Street CraneXpress can now check all elements of the crane system: rails and wheels, drives and gearboxes, hoists and controls, gantries and supports – with the ultimate aim of saving businesses time and money.


Crane wheel video survey using HD cameras

Crane wheel video survey using HD cameras

Street CraneXpress Director, Ray Fletcher, says:

"We realised that we could extend our service offering to deliver a more complete survey that examined the entire crane system. Working with Crane Rail Surveys enables us to achieve this without delay, rather than building expertise up from scratch internally.

"Street CraneXpress engineers are on the ground across the UK ready to introduce crane rail surveys to both new and existing customers."

Ricky Evans, Director of Crane Rail Surveys, adds:

"Misalignment of any part of the crane and rail system can have a detrimental impact on performance, causing unexpected repair costs, frustrating downtimes or, worse still, accidents and injuries. Our expertise in surveying the structural elements of a crane system will help customers to diagnose, predict and prevent these often hidden issues.

"We’re very pleased to be working with Street CraneXpress to further expand their technical service capabilities in the UK market."

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