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Overhead Crane Training Course:
Cab, Pendant, Radio or Infra-red Controlled

 1-5 days  1-4 attendees  accredited by LEEA and ITSSAR


Course objectives

By the end of the course the operator should be able to:

  • Operate the crane safely and correctly in accordance with manufacturers’ manual and instructions and accepted good practice
  • Operate the crane safely in response to given tasks and signals
  • Carry out daily maintenance
  • Demonstrate an understanding of crane terminology
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the signs given by a signaler
  • Demonstrate an understanding of responsibilities under relevant legislation
  • Recognise defects and hazards that affect crane motions
  • Demonstrate an understating of lift plans
  • Position the crane for a lift.

Course content

  • Relevant regulations/legislation
  • Crane terminology
  • Slinging and operating to signaller’s guidance
  • Overhead crane operation
  • Parameters of use
  • Limitations of use
  • Lifting accessories
  • Lift plans
  • Angles of lift
  • Pendant controls
  • Basic, standard and complex lifts
  • Centre of gravity
  • Safety awareness
  • Pre-start inspections/maintenance
  • Emergency exit from crane (cab)

Refresher period

It is recommended to attend a refresher course every 3-5 years.

Any other relevant information

This course is carried out in accordance with the Code of Practice for the Safe Use of Lifting Equipment as published by LEEA and ITSSAR, and includes practical lifting operation assessments and test.

Recommended follow-on courses

  • ITSSAR Slinger Signaller
  • NPORS Appointed Person for Lifting
  • Operations or Slinger Signaller

As a Training & Development agent, Street Cranexpress is not directly accredited or associated with any examining body. The courses we have advertised are delivered by an independently accredited training provider.


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