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Street Cranexpress Working at Height :

1 day 1-12 attendees  accredited by EDTL — In house


Course objectives

By the end of the course the operator should be able to:

  • Demonstrate a basic understanding if the legalrequirements, to facilitate working at height safetyassessments within a risk management system
  • Understand the control measures for use whenworking at height
  • Recognise working at height risks
  • Demonstrate skill and knowledge to choose, inspect,fit and use the safety harness with appropriate lanyard
  • Understand the control measures for exiting a MEWPwhen working at height.


Course content

  • Introduction to the course
  • Health and Safety Overview
  • Hazards and risks
  • Risk assessments and method statements
  • Working at height legislation
  • Safe use and setup of temporary systems
  • Personal fall protection equipment awareness
  • Safe use of work positioning equipment
  • Control strategies (ladders, towers, MEWPS)
  • Hierarchy of controls
  • PPE selection
  • Safety equipment
  • Safe use of fall arrest lanyards
  • Safe use of portable ladders
  • Personal fall protection equipment pre-use checksand inspections


Refresher period

Recommend refresher course 3-5 years


Any other relevant information

informationA combination of classroom activity, syndicate working and presentation/demonstrations, practical application and question and answer paper. A wide range of video photographic material is used to enhance the learning experience for each delegate.

Delegates should be physically fit, in good health and should generally not have problems with; eyesight or hearing, heart disease, high blood pressure, epilepsy, fear of heights/vertigo, giddiness/difficulty with balance, impaired limb function, alcohol or drug dependence or psychiatric illness.

As a Training & Development agent, Street Cranexpress is not directly accredited or associated with any examining body. The courses we have advertised are delivered by an independently accredited training provider.


Recommended follow-on courses

Working at height rescue


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