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Management of Safe Lifting Operations:

2 days 1-4 attendees  accredited by LEEA


Course objectives

By the end of the course the operator should be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the legal requirements,employer/employee obligations and responsibilities,and safe working practices pertaining to theoperation of mechanical lifting
  • Outline the principles for the selection of liftingequipment
  • Demonstrate knowledge or force influences &weight estimation
  • Demonstrate lift planning & risk assessments
  • Select appropriate lifting equipment for various liftingoperations


Course content

  • Law and standards
  • Legal requirements (Health and Safety at Work Act),PUWER, LOLER, European Directives, Supply ofMachinery (safety) Regulations
  • Statutory certificates and reporting, basic lift planningand risk assessments
  • Principles for selection of lifting gear (general)
  • Marking, storage and handling (general)
  • Definitions
  • In service inspections
  • Materials used in lifting gear
  • Force influences in lifting gear
  • Inspection of lifting gear – explanation,demonstration and imitation, identifying faults, wearand common malpractice etc
  • Examination of lifting gear, a practical assessment oflifting gear examination carried out, prepared usedsamples followed by group discussion


Refresher period

Recommended refresher course 5 years


Any other relevant information

This course is aimed at those with a working knowledge of lifting equipment and responsible for, or involved in, the practical aspects of lifting and slinging operations. It is especially suitable for those who manage or are likely to manage other banksmen, slingers, service engineers, technicians and supervisors.

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