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Advanced Crane Diagnostics

Street Cranexpress advanced crane diagnostics will save you time and money by identifying potential issues before they cause a breakdown.

Early diagnosis saves hundreds of pounds

Our Stage 1 Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) provides a complete range of in-depth visual analysis, adjustments and lubrication on all your cranes’ critical components, to detect any faults that could cause a breakdown. Caught in advance, faulty components can be replaced, reducing costs and preventing expensive unplanned downtime.

But what if your cranes are working continuously and at the high end of their duty specification? The wear and tear that High Duty cranes experience between services may be more than you realise.

And then what if an unexpected fault does occur? Can you afford to stop production? Is a Standard PPM going to give you the advance warning you need?

Advanced Crane Diagnostics

Street Cranexpress’ Advanced Crane Diagnostics analyse your crane’s critical components using non-destructive condition monitoring techniques, tailor-made to individual crane criticality. This enables our engineers to see inside your cranes to where the human eye cannot, to look further into the future and assess the beginning of any defects before they deteriorate into faults and ultimately, critical failure.

This early diagnosis provides you with more time to plan for repairs, which can be completed at your convenience i.e. during planned downtime, and as well as preventing breakdowns, keeps your cranes running in prime condition, leading to optimised production.

It’s a small outlay which provides a huge payback, through savings on downtime and repair costs.


Service stage options

Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)

Preventative Crane Maintenance is the cost-effective, timesaving and intelligent alternative to reactive repairs. It consists of a regular visual inspection of all the critical components on your lifting equipment, complete with lubrication and adjustments where necessary. As well as reducing the likelihood of a breakdown, Preventative Crane Maintenance will keep the average crane in peak condition, ensure it runs efficiently, extend its life and reduce the risk of expensive downtime.


1 + Wire Rope NDT

Wire Rope Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) is the ideal preliminary compliment to the standard PPM inspection. Using magnetic flux technology, the NDT Device enables full cross-section inspection of the crane’s wire ropes – something that would otherwise be impossible without cutting through and permanently destroying the rope. This means that any internal damage can be identified, precisely determining the quality and remaining life span of the rope.


1 + 2 + Vibration Monitoring

The addition of Vibration Monitoring enables the evaluation of bearings and gears within the crane’s motors and gearbox and checks for any wear, defects, looseness or misalignment. The extent of any damage can be measured on a vibration spectrum and cross-referenced against BSEN ISO 10816-3, as well as historical or manufacturer data, to determine whether remedial action is required to eliminate the possibility of critical failure.


1 + 2 + 3 + Oil Analysis

Oil Analysis delves deeper into the crane’s gearbox by revealing the existence and quantity of any wear metals, to determine the extent of damage to the individual components within the gearbox assembly. It also exposes any environmental contaminants, as well as the oil’s chemical composition, to determine oil quality deterioration. Lab analysis of a small oil sample determines more about the health of the gearbox than a time-consuming, costly gearbox disassembly.


1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + Thermal Imaging

For full peace of mind, Thermal Imaging identifies any fatigued electrical connections that would otherwise lay unnoticed until they burn out. It can also be used on long travel wheel bearings to identify areas of excessive friction that cause overheating. Compared to conventional electrical fault finding techniques or long travel wheel bearing inspection, both of which can put a crane out of action for an entire day, Thermal Imaging allows these areas to be scanned in seconds.

The countdown to critical component failure

The earlier a defect is identified and assessed, the more time you will have to schedule any repairs that may be required. This means that you can avoid costly forced downtime during production hours and have the work undertaken on your cranes when you are not using them.

Early diagnosis and replacement also ensures the long term health and performance of your cranes.

Advanced Crane Diagnostics identifies faults within the same components as a standard PPM inspection, but much further in advance. The difference between standard usage cranes and high duty cranes though, is two-fold:

  • Minor faults on high duty cranes deteriorate much faster because of the crane’s continuous usage

  • Downtime caused by lengthy testing procedures or last-minute repairs can be much more costly to a business which requires particular cranes for continued production

Street Cranexpress’ Advanced Crane Diagnostics:

  • Minimises the risk of injury from catastrophic failure

  • Avoids unplanned downtime and a costly halt in production

  • Keeps your most important cranes in prime condition


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