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Monorail Cranes

Monorail cranes provide a cost-effective lifting solution where items need to be transported along a specified route, such as moving loads through various stages of production, or from one work station location to another.

Ideal for applications in tight spaces unsuitable for overhead cranes or even light crane systems, our lightweight, low-headroom monorail lifting systems can be integrated into the existing structure and tailored to your needs via various flexible options.

In addition to single straight beam monorails, Street Cranexpress are also able to install switch-tracks, curved beam sections, turntables, moveable sections and transfer arrangements to enable a custom-designed monorail lifting system to be effectively integrated in and around your existing facilities.

The Street Crane LX electric chain hoist is designed for monorail applications, including curved monorail beams; the standard LX is suitable for a min. 900mm radius.

Low headroom monorail overhead crane with LX Electric Chain Hoist

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