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Overhead Crane Parts

Street Cranexpress stock and supply a comprehensive range of spare parts for overhead cranes, hoists and lifting gear for all main crane manufacturers. Our 50-year history and experience in the lifting industry brings knowledge, credibility and quality when providing spare parts.

We are the only official UK distributer of Street Crane parts.

Why choose us?


1 - Official UK distributer of genuine Street Crane Parts

We hold large stocks of genuine Street Crane parts, available direct to customers who undertake their own maintenance, or complete with the assurance of expert installation and certification for our Preventative Maintenance Agreement holders. As the official Street Crane distributor in the UK, we hold complete records of every Street Crane ever made and the exact components used in their manufacture, enabling us to swiftly find the right replacement parts for your equipment.


2 - Knowledgeable & experienced

Our parts experts are highly experienced and knowledgeable in all models and makes of overhead crane, hoists and lifting gear. They will take time to address customer-individual needs and even when you are unsure of your requirements, our expert team will work closely with you to provide advice and guidance to make sure you order the correct part.


3 - Customer-oriented

In cases where your parts request requires specialisation, such as a hoist adjustment or pendant adjustment, our expert team understand the importance of functional reliability when it comes to lifting equipment and will find a solution to meet your desired output. Whether it is a single part or a parts package that you require, we provide a solution tailored to your needs.


4 - Reliable logistics

We go above and beyond to determine what you need, log your request, identify required parts, monitor stock and progress, process and ship your order within advised timescales and arrange installation if required.


5 - Quality parts

Having a reliable source of spare parts and a quick repair turnaround is vital to keep your overhead cranes in safe working condition, and paramount to reducing the risk of expensive downtime especially in process-critical operations.


6 - Quick turnaround

We have a dedicated team of experts to offer you an instant response and to ensure that all parts meet the original manufacturer's specifications.


7 - Other manufacturers

We are aware that not all our customers operate Street Cranes, that is why we also keep stocks of the regularly required parts from other manufacturers so that they are readily available for a quick repair turnaround and to ensure your lifting equipment continues to operate to its full potential.




Over time, even durable, dependable components eventually succumb to wear and tear. The only way to protect the performance and efficiency of your lifting equipment is to replace worn out parts with genuine parts, rather than compromising your equipment with inferior third-party components.

Through SCE group company BXH, Street Cranexpress has instant access to an extensive range of electric, electronic, electromechanical and pneumatic control products.



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