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What Crane Do I Need? | Monorail Cranes Explained

17 June 2022

What is a Monorail Crane?

A monorail crane operates on a stationary overhead track, carrying loads from point A to point B in a facility. They consist of a single beam and a hoist. This is ideal for linear operations, where items move on a specified route such as a production line, or from one workstation location to another.

  • Monorail cranes can be suspended from building steelwork, or freestanding from floor-mounted frames.

The benefits of a monorail crane

Monorail cranes are a popular solution to the lifting needs of a business. They are a simple, cost-effective alternative to the more complex conventional overhead cranes that, whilst offering a wider range of movement, are more costly and complicated in their application.

The simple application of a monorail crane improves the workflow of a production, whilst creating a more safe and secure work environment. Due to their simplicity, it is also possible to automate their movement through computers or programmable logic controllers (PLCs).

Monorail cranes are extremely flexible by design and can be adapted to suit a range of operations, many which you wouldn’t have thought of, from aircraft and automotive, to food & beverage and waste management. This flexibility enables the ability to include curves, spurs, switches, and more.

Since they contain less steel than their counterparts, monorails are often a lighter solution, reducing the stress on the building structures that support them.

An overhead monorail crane offers movement on two axes, up and down provided by the hoist, and forwards and backwards by the monorail beam.

  • Cost effective
  • Simple application
  • Improves workflow and productivity
  • Improves safety
  • Flexible design
  • Light – reducing stress on building structures
  • Low maintenance costs – long life
  • Maximise vertical space in a facility

Things to consider

You must consider the range of movement your operation needs from your overhead crane, if you need lateral motion then a monorail crane isn’t for you – consider a bridge or gantry crane instead.

  • What ranges of movement does my operation need?



If you are still unsure whether a monorail crane is right for you, get in touch! Our team will happily guide you through your options and help you find the ideal solution.


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