Street CraneXpress gets dressed for success

10th November 2017

Our engineers are very much the face of Street CraneXpress. They project the image and professionalism of our business where it really matters – in front of our service and maintenance customers.

It’s extremely important that we present ourselves in the best way we possibly can, After all, our engineers are the Street CraneXpress staff that our service customers meet most often. So, we’re very proud to introduce… our new engineers’ new workwear!



Picking up on the red and grey of our corporate colour scheme, the new workwear is of an even higher quality and more comfortable than before. In addition, it is more suited to the needs of a crane engineer, with additional trouser pockets for tools, parts, fixings and testing equipment.

It’s an altogether friendlier look for our engineers, who used to be kitted out with all-black workwear.



Here is Street CraneXpress engineer Dan Cooper (right) with his apprentice, James Mountain. A picture of professionalism, no less.

We’re sure you’ll agree that they really look the part – outstanding fashion models, as well as top class crane engineers!