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As part of Street CraneXpress's refurbishment and conversion services, we are also able to provide radio control conversion at an affordable price.

Remote control units improve safety for the user by enabling them to operate the crane in a position of better visibility and therefore reduced operational risk.

Our radio controls are lightweight and ergonomically designed for single handed operation, offering the user more flexibility, freedom and most importantly, safety.

These units come as a ‘plug and play’ kit. Easy to install on Street Crane ZX hoists, or indeed any hoist with a 16 pin socket, the pre-programmed units will automatically find an unused frequency and connect, enabling you to use them instantaneously. Every kit comes with a charger and a spare battery.




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Using remote control

Close up view of remote


Whilst our radios are some of the most reliable radio control systems available, damage from misuse or loss can occur, so the self-learning functionality means that a replacement will automatically learn its own frequencies and connect to your crane. This learning function also means that no other radio controlled equipment can take unwanted control of your crane – the radio will detect the need to rescan, inform the user, and at the push of a button, find a new frequency and continue operation.

Download the Specification PDFs

Technical sales sheet for transmitter

Transmitter Technical Specification

Technical sales sheet for receiver

Receiver Technical Specification




Joystick Crane Remote Control In addition to the out-of-the-box, ‘plug and play’ systems, customised radio controls are available. Other options include:
  • Tandem crane/hoist control
  • Master/slave crane operation
  • Joystick or pushbutton options
  • Process automation assigned to bespoke buttons
  • Modifications to existing radios
  • Electromagnets and vaccum frame control
  • Contactless Safety Keys
  • LCD Screens
  • Potentiometer Controls
  • Trigger Selectors
  • Toggle Switches