Crane Upgrade - Modernisation and Refurbishment Schemes

Crane upgrade - crab replacementIf your lifting equipment  no longer lives up to evolving operational needs, whether through increased demand, changing products or where older cranes no longer meet today’s rigorous safety standards, Street CraneXpress can upgrade it to meet your new requirements.

Where years of use causes deterioration, particularly in harsh operating environments, old equipment can be refurbished, generating huge cost savings compared to replacements. This crane upgrade service is particularly valuable where old out-of-production or bespoke equipment is concerned; i.e. where direct replacements are not readily available. Many parts can often be reconditioned, and parts that are worn beyond repair can be rebuilt – even the most dilapidated equipment is not necessarily beyond salvation.

Street CraneXpress’ knowledge and experience in crane upgrades means that we are able to:

  • Upgrade crane power and control systems to improve precision, flexibility and efficiency
  • Automate existing equipment to enable precise positioning characteristics and reduce human input
  • Re-align and level tracks, spans and gantries
  • Alter spans or SWLs, and reinforce gantries to accommodate, often as part of a crane relocation
  • Recondition worn out lifting equipment

Crane span alteration















Crane modernisation is a very cost-effective alternative to purchasing and installing a new crane, and it is extremely rare for a crane to be so worn out, that the only option is to purchase a brand new crane.

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