Crane Rail Surveys

The efficient and safe operation of a crane system relies on far more than the hoist.

The bridges, rails and their supporting structures need to be precisely aligned and in good condition to allow the hoist to do its job. Street CraneXpress can diagnose a wide range of crane system defects through our national network of over 50 crane engineers, based all around the UK.

Our engineers can guide you through the various survey options available, including:

Using the latest high accuracy Total Station technology & bespoke targeting systems, precision measurements can be obtained even in the challenging conditions that some sites present, so you can be sure each survey is carried out accurately and quickly.


We offer a professional service that provides you with a range of options to establish the causes of and solutions to crane and crane rail problems. Our surveys can help with the early detection of:

  • Excessive wheel or rail wear
  • Restricted crane performance
  • Deformation of cranes and supporting structures
  • Poor initial rail installations
  • Damaged or misaligned rail joints causing impact shocks
  • Ineffective rail fixings and mountings

We offer four survey types that, when combined, offer a comprehensive picture of issues relating to your crane and crane rails. The surveys are particularly effective when implemented into your regular maintenance and repair plans.



1. Rail surveys

For issues relating to crane wheel and track wear, we would normally recommend the ‘ground up’ approach of ensuring the runway rails are checked for level, alignment and span to determine if track issues are causing or adding to problems encountered with the cranes.

Simple alignment ‘tweaks’ often go a long way to improving crane performance, reducing wheel wear and crabbing problems.


  • Full alignment, level & span surveys
  • Steelwork surveys
  • Analysis & recommendations
  • Re-alignment marking out
  • Installation set-out & monitoring
  • Fast, efficient methods


2. Crane surveys

In order to provide a complete, comprehensive analysis package, we also carry out full crane structural dimension surveys including checks on crane wheel alignment, wheel span, cross travel rail alignment and cross travel bogie surveys.

Crane camber and load deflection surveys can be undertaken to check the performance and capacity of new or existing cranes.

Our aim is to help identify the root causes of rail and/or wheel wear, significantly reducing down-time and engineering maintenance costs.


  • Full dimensional surveys
  • Wheel alignment
  • Wheel span
  • Crane camber
  • Load deflection
  • Installation/repair checks


3. Video surveys

Using lightweight remote HD video technology, our Video Monitoring System allows the client to view the motion and positioning of the crane wheels on the rails. As part of the full package, this can help to identify problems with crane wheel set-up and 'crabbing'.

When used in conjunction with rail and crane surveys, it is possible to fully document crane behaviour for any new or existing installation which is useful for periodic condition monitoring through to warranty disputes. Video monitoring can also be used to record the condition of rails and fixings where access is limited.


  • Diagnose drive issues
  • Wheel diameter problems
  • Identify ‘crabbing’
  • Document crane behaviour for new installations
  • Periodic performance monitoring
  • Limited access rail inspections


4. Visual surveys

As well as alignment, level and span surveys of rails, we also carry out visual inspections, including checks on rail wear, joints, fixings and mountings.

Annual or bi-annual inspections of crane rails and cross travel rails can be an effective way to detect early signs of wear allowing re-alignment / relevelling work to be carried out in place of an expensive rail replacement.

Results are presented in an interactive .pdf format with quick links to photographs of defects found. For large buildings or sites with many bays and cranes, an interactive site map can be created with direct links to all surveys. This is an ideal for building up historical data and provides and excellent method of condition monitoring for large facilities.


  • Measure rail wear
  • Check fixing integrity
  • Identify problem areas
  • Monitor rail degradation with annual inspections
  • Photographic documentation of defects
  • Easy to read, interactive 1 page reports


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