Crane Modernisation at HJ Enthoven’s

23rd August 2013

Crane upgrade FAT

Factory Acceptance Testing

Crane crab removal

Removal of old crab and cab

Crane InstallationCrab installation

Lifting the new crab and cab in through the roof

Crane upgrade

The installed equipment

New crane crab with grab

Complete with reconditioned grab

Street CraneXpress has installed a modernised slewing crab unit at HJ Enthoven & Sons in Matlock - Europe's largest secondary lead smelter and recycler for lead-acid batteries, which produces up to 80,000 tonnes of recycled lead and polypropylene per year.

The slewing crab and cab on a 28-year-old crane in the site’s Furnace Charge Preperation area, used for loading furnace feed hoppers with lead bearing materials and reagents, was nearing the end of its serviceable life.  The original crab had been modified in 1997 to extend the cab backwards and provide headroom for the grab to be raised up level with the driver, but the controls and basic structure were still the same. The years of continuous use experienced by the crane, in an arduous and dusty environment, meant that it was now time for a replacement.

Street CraneXpress’ 15 tonne replacement slewing crab unit offers true vertical lift and is rated at M7 to cope with the high work duty cycle. It also meets current British Safety Standards (BS EN 9001:2008), something that didn’t exist when the original was built.

Mechanically, the equipment is almost identical to the original, as it will continue to undertake the same role, but the new electrical control system makes this replacement much more resilient.

Modern inverter control makes the new crab smoother and will prolong its lifespan, primarily because it will save wear on key components, such as the brakes. The hoist is fitted with a failsafe brake mounted directed onto the gearbox rather than the back of the motor, for improved safety.

Due to the adverse atmospheric conditions caused by lead dust, the cab is fitted with an air filtration unit and the new seat also features 180° rotation, tilt and forward/back motion for additional driver comfort.

Street CraneXpress also uprated the speeds of the new crab, increasing hoisting speeds from 8m/min to 9m/min and cross-travel speeds from 35m/min to 40m/min. The long travel max speed of 90m/min was deemed more than sufficient, but new long travel motors were added, to be compatible with the new inverter control.

The installation itself involved removing a section of the roof though which both the old crab and new equipment could be lifted. Through close working with HJ Enthoven’s project team, the work on site was completed within a tight timescale to fit in with the client’s two-week shutdown.

The photos (right) show the new crab being lifted in, as well as a comparison between old and new, and the FAT testing with the client at our Assembly and Test Facility.