Overhead cranes

Crane Relocation

Relocating a works often raises the issue of what to do with the lifting equipment at the old site. Simply leaving it in situ, where it may not be used to its full potential, and then purchasing new equipment for the new site, is inefficient and costly. But what if your cranes could be relocated in conjunction with your operations, putting them to more productive use, and saving the unnecessary expense of purchasing new cranes?

A lot of our customers assume that this can’t be done, but Street CraneXpress can:

  • safely relocate all lifting equipment, cranes and gantries; including removal, re-siting, reinstallation and recertification
  • reinforce structures to accommodate the crane relocation
  • modify spans, gantry lengths, lift heights, SWLs and hoisting speeds to suit
  • upgrade and refurbish old cranes
  • provide additional lifting equipment to complete a total solution for your handling needs.