Retrofit Enhancements

Street CraneXpress can retrofit numerous optional extras to your cranes in order to increase their functionality.

These enhancements tend to be specific to customers’ individual usage needs, which is why they aren’t fitted as standard, but in certain scenarios the following options can vastly improve ease of use, productivity and safety:


Load Monitoring Device

Load Monitoring Devices

A load monitoring device linked to a digital display transforms your crane into a giant weighing scale. With the addition of an overload protection and shut-off circuit, plus optional audible and/or visual warning alarms, it can also provide a back-up safety system to prevent the crane being overloaded. Systems can also be set to trigger/alarm at multiple levels, if required.


Load sway


By integrating a specialist crane card into a crane’s standard drive control, load sway can be automatically corrected for without the need for additional sensors or wiring modifications. Using information from the hoist controls on height of lift, the crane card is able to correct load sway throughout the lifting operation. Benefits of a crane with anti-sway capabilities include:

  • makes load moving more efficient
  • reduces handling time, increasing productivity and reducing energy costs
  • reduces operator fatigue
  • enables safe use by novice operators
  • lowers the risk of accidents from loads colliding with obstructions or personnel

Cable Reeling Drum

Reeling Drums

For cranes that utilise additional lifting attachments, self-reeling drums keep their power cables tidy and safe.

Applications include vacuum frames, rotating bottom blocks, lifting frames or active-hooks.



Rotary bottom block

Rotary Bottom Blocks (RBBs)

The vast majority of modern hook blocks have a rotational element, however this process can be enhanced to offer additional funcationality:

  • Indexing RBBs also enable the load to be locked in position once it has reached the desired orientation.
  • Particularly useful for the automotive industry and smelting plants, powered rotary bottom blocks contain a motor which enables the user to rotate the load via the crane’s remote control.

Crane Flood Lights

LED Flood Lights

Flood lights on cranes can assist operation in darker environments, for example outdoors or during night shifts. Florescent lights are available, but LED flood lighting provides an energy saving solution.


Ultimate Limit Switches

Rotary and Ultimate Limits

For safety critical applications, ultimate limit switches provide a backup braking system. In the event of the first limit switch failing, they cut the power supply to the crane, bringing it to a complete stop. Once the ultimate limit switch is tripped, the crane cannot be driven until the system has been reset and confirmed safe for use.

Rotary limit switches measure the drum rotation and therefore load height. Via a PLC this information can also be used to provide anti-sway, top and bottom limits, intermediary limits and numerous other functions.

Anti collision sensor

Anti-Collision Sensors

Where multiple cranes run on the same tracks, automatic stopping distances can be set between the cranes using photo-electric sensors. This not only prevents the cranes colliding but distances can be determined to avoid the collision of loads through excessive pendulum effect.