VX Heavy Duty Hoists

  Foundry VX hoist Corus steel VX hoist

VX heavy duty open winch hoists are designed to operate in tough, arduous conditions with high frequency of switching operations. These industrial hoists can be rated for heavy duty classifications, incorporate fast lifting speeds and/or give extensive vertical lifting heights. The open plan winch design makes servicing and maintenance uniquely easy.

  • True vertical lift as standard
  • Multiple combinations of drum length, gear ratio and rope reeve
  • Capacities up to 200 tonne SWL
  • Dual speed or variable frequency control with electrical braking
  • All industrial duty classifications
  • Standard and extra fast hoisting speed option
  • Robust open-plan winch design
  • Flexibility to allow process integration
  • Failsafe hoist brake on the gearbox's first reduction shaft
  • Maximum reliability


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